About Us


At Bob’s Backyard Barbecue we want to provide an extraordinary dining experience to each and every customer which is achieved through superior food quality and exceptional customer service. We treat our staff and guests like family. Our success is measured by our guests’ satisfaction.



The Best BBQ in your Backyard!




Our story starts in our own backyard where we hosted friends and family, weekend after weekend, for an entire summer trying to perfect our barbeque style. Being a physicist by education, Bob loved the science of smoking meat, and it eventually became a passion. Bob is self-taught by studying pit-master processes from all over the country. As with every successful cook, our friends and family encouraged us to start a business. Once the smoking process was consistent week after week, we decided to take the leap and start a food truck business. We knew we liked our food, but we weren’t sure people would actually pay for our food! After a couple years of running the food truck and building a following, we outgrew the production space on the truck and moved into our small restaurant in Downtown Lancaster, Ohio. That is where we share our love of BBQ with our hometown community! We feel like we are just starting to scratch the surface of sharing our love and our passion for great barbeque with everyone who visits our restaurant or our truck or enjoys our food at a catered event.


So, welcome to our family! We want to give you our very BEST - the BEST BBQ, the BEST service, and the BEST friendly experience that will make you want to hang out with your friends & family in the Backyard making memories!

-Bob & Maggie Bennett-